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Biography:  When I was 5 years

old The Opera Porgy & Bess came

on a tour to Israel,  more...


The Jazz Club:

Videos :  "Let's Bring peace" more...


My New Album Series!

The Amazing Voices Of Israel Jazz Series 1

Jazz For Kids Jazz Series 2

Jazz That Rhythms in Hebrew Jazz Series 3

Shirei Hamaalot Jazz Series 4

U.Zuz.2 Jazz Series 5

The Soul Of Jazz Jazz Series 6

Blues Straight Ahead Jazz Series 7

Let It Be Jazz Jazz Series 8

Flower Jazz Series 9

Jazz meets Classical Jazz Series 10

Zuz Muse Jazz Series 11

Dreams Untold Jazz Series 12

   Music for Children and young Aliens Jazz Series13

   The Little Big Band live at the Willow Jazz Series14

   Cool As Ice -Live at the New England Jazz Series15


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    "Let's Bring Peace"  

     Shlomi Goldenberg at the Red Sea Jazz Festival



    "Strangers In The Night"

      Shlomi Goldenberg & Haya Samir




    Shlomi in the Upper Cellar Jazz Club in 2003 Hosting

    Haya Samir Singing and Playing His Composition Untitled1




    "Jazz Eclectico"

       The "Little Big Band" Live at Jazz Alley 2008




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